China is continuing its rapid development, and Chinese companies will increasingly become important on the global scene – particularly within digital business areas. Is the rise of the Digital Dragon a threat or an opportunity for your company? Understanding the dynamics of the new, digital China is a necessary first step to answer this question. 

I moved to Shanghai to better understand The New China, and am passionate about what the rise of China means to the world.

My previous experience includes management consulting, development finance, telecom, mobile money and digital product development.

All deliveries are tailor made to my clients, to create maximum value for the different organisations and businesses. Given my Norwegian background and understanding of business and culture in the region, my main focus on clients from the Nordics.



The time of China copying the West has passed – for many digital products it is now time to copy China!

I help my clients understand which companies and services in China they should study, partner with, learn from – or even copy.

Study trips

Without having been to China, it is hard to imagine how the country has developed. Visiting to see the digital services in use, the companies behind them and meeting the energetic and vibrant Chinese society is eye-opening, inspiring and fun.

Seeing is believing!

Keynotes and seminars

I deliver talks in China and abroad. This includes introductions to Chinese history and culture, overview of the digital ecosystems in China, and tailor made talks on topics from mobile payment, e-commerce, new retail etc.


From visiting China I have learned about the possibilities for thinking differently

I have been to many Board Meetings in Shanghai *for European company* before. One day with Heidi thought me more about the new China than any one those trips

Heidi delivered a unique mix of cultural and tech understanding


As a one-woman-show, I am very fortunate to have a number of great partners. Some of them are:

– DI Asia Base: Incubator for China entry

– Learning trips to China: China Experience

– Digital Marketing: Nordic Friend

– FinTech: Kapron Asia

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